20 May 2011

|A CUP OF TEES| Handprinted T-shirts by Phenum

Three new handprinted tees released by the french brand Phenum.

Each piece is limited to 50 in unisex fit, in every size, but there are also 50 pieces in woman fit, one size.

18 May 2011

|TALENT| Anntian S/S 2011 Collection

"Picturing ones dreamily look on the ocean, the collection plays with the variety of thoughts and feelings evoked within. Tropical fruits, their taste and inherent beauty, plants and the unique diversity of rich colors, surfaces and haptics they offer, their smells, their taste... Colours like sky-oceanblue, coconut white, reed and kiwi green, coral and watermelon red, orange, citron yellow go along with natural, soft, fluent and trasparent, so as pure, rigid and clears materials".

That's the new Anntian S/S 2011 "OCEAN VIEW" Collection, the label started in Berlin in 2006 by designers Anne Hilken and Christian Kurt. Every piece is unique and special since graphics and colors are handpainted or handprinted.

Follow the link below to discover more Anntian images!

17 May 2011

|A CUP OF TEES| Kiss Diss

Kiss Diss is a small belgian clothing company founded in 2009 by Kluzehellion.
Find all the graphics here.

Follow the link below for more images.

12 May 2011

|A CUP OF TEES| Doctor Who Trompe-L'Oeil T-Shirts

You can make a pre-order of these amazing Forbidden Planet-exclusive tees inspired by famous BBC programme Dr Who here.

FOLLOW THE LINK BELOW to see more images!

|TALENT| MIROÏKE: Couture-à-Porter

Ulrike Seidel (german) and Ramiro Calderòn Alvarado (bolivian) are the fashion designers behind the Berlin-based label MIROÏKE.

Both graduated from the Berlin school of the Arts under Vivienne Westwood's wing, they started their project in 2004.
Modern and innovative shapes and the astonishing sock-boots made them one of the most interesting designers in Berlin.

Take a look at some pics of the amazing spring-summer 2011 shoes collection following the link below!

11 May 2011

|A CUP OF TEES| A Hole in the Tee

I was just wondering where Courtney Love ended up.

Found On Etsy!

Sacarf made from a real vintage German mail bag.
See more here.

New Wave of Espadrilles

Espadrilles were a must during my childhood, especially on summer holiday. My whole family was "espadrilled": my father wore them, my mother wore them and my bro wore them too. I can't remember when I stop taking them but I found a smart version of espadrilles at last. THE STRING REPUBLIC (and their second product name BESIDED) revisits the rope-soled sandal and the result is an explosion of creativity and colours.
Discover the story of the espadrilles and of The String Republic on their website and follow the link below to see more images.